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How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

The price of web hosting is different depending on the type of web host. It could range from a service that is free to one that costs hundreds of dollars a month. Using the following information, one should be able to make a more informed decision on the type of web host to choose.

Usually there are five types of prices. There are the free, low budget, cheap, slight expensive and the higher end web host services. Each obviously has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The free web site host is usually very enticing because – it is free. But ironically, there is a price to free web hosting service because the web space that is offered is usually smaller and it is used for those who do not have any complicated uses for their websites. For example, there are no databases, media such as music and no emailing facilities. Therefore, if one wanted emailing, domain registration or upgrading services, a charge comes with it. Other charges imposed by free web hosting services are for annual domain registration, the initial one time setting up fee and for the removal of advertisement banners.

With free web hosting services, one cannot expect customer services if there is a problem with the website and in most cases, there will be a need to place the advertisement banners by the web host service on the website, which makes it look unprofessional.

Low budget web host services are similar to free hosting services and the same goes with their support and reliability. The service charges a small fee ranging from $1.00 to $15.00 monthly. The plus point is they do not need the users to place advertisement banners on the websites and they are usually known as basic or starter plan. They are for novices who are concerned about support for their website or reliability.

Cheap web host services are very popular and the ones that are most competitively priced. In relation to affordability and the services that are offered they are also the best of both worlds. Cheap web host services offer many features at prices ranging from $5.00 – $10.00 monthly. This is usually recommended because of the low cost and they usually offer the recommended features and tools. The down side is that they do not spend enough on support. Hence, if a big website without any need for support is what is required, this type of web support is recommended.

The slightly more expensive web host services are those who charge $15.00 – $50.00 monthly. They are usually the smaller services that are not very popular hence unable to provide competitive prices to the customers. Thus, they end up having individual services and are unable to provide services that encompass what is generally needed by most websites.

The higher end web host services have packages that usually surpass most other packages. If one is a shared hosting user and requires very specific type of services or top trained quality support, this is the type of service to go for. The prices can start from $15.00 up to $100 monthly.

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Web Hosting Questions for Beginners

When one starts thinking of setting up a website, the technological jargon used by the suppliers may seem very daunting for beginners in information technology. In reality however, this is not the case and it is quite easy to obtain the information needed while carrying out the research. Some of the research may pertain to the website that is going to be set up and some may pertain to web hosting. Listed below are some questions that are related to web hosting and some answers that will hopefully be of assistance.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting involves a service provider that administers websites on their server. A host, as the term means, provides a home or platform from which a website can reside (or operate). Most web hosting providers are reasonably sized have various hosting packages. The type of package will depend on what is required for the website.

Where is the business heading?

If the business has just been started, keeping the cost as low as possible must be the priority. However, if the business is forecasted to be a rapidly growing one, a few things have to be borne in mind such as the website’s capacity and the web-hosting package. The package would have to be prescribed accordingly. There are many basic packages available on shared servers but these have a limit placed on the available bandwidth. If the business grows quickly and the traffic on the website increases then there may be a need to change the package with the web hosting services. Upgrading facilities are not readily available with all web hosting facilities therefore it is prudent to pick one that accommodates website growth.

How much should I know about web hosting?

The average business owner is not expected to be very technologically well informed and hence it is understandable if there is minimal comprehension of web hosting or design. In situations like this, it would be advisable to pick a web hosting service that is managed, which means the maintenance for the web server will be maintained by the host.

Is it worth having free hosting packages?

Although there are some free hosting services that are well known, one would have to consider this option very carefully. This is because the service is offered free on the basis that the prospective website owner purchases advertising services on their website.

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting – what is the difference?

A website that is allocated its own unique server is known as dedicated hosting and a shared server has other websites that uses it.

What is meant by an e-commerce website?

This is term for online stores that need special hosting sites and web design. The web host that is chosen should be one that is able to provide technical support specifically for ecommerce.

What is a reliable web host?

The most important thing is the technical support that is offered because any system has a potential to breakdown. Reliable customer service will be able to provide a solution swiftly.

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Reselling Web Hosting

Reselling web hosting seems to be a lucrative business nowadays but in order to reap the profits, one must have enough knowledge on reselling. This is because there are many internet entrepreneurs in the ecommerce market and if a person wants to be successful, getting an idea of what is involved is advisable.

There are three very important tips to be taken into account before delving into this business.

1. Investing Time

In order to ensure that the web hosting business takes off, one has to be able to invest enough time in it. This is because the ecommerce business is a client-based one and there are many choices out there. It is only by investing time in the clients, can they be retained and the numbers can eventually increase. By focusing on how to increase the number of clients, success in this business is guaranteed.

2. Niche Area

Investing in a familiar area is always best but what is even better is if it a niche area. If it is not a niche, try to make it unique so that there will not be thousands of others doing the same thing. This will help increase competitiveness and profits in the end. Furthermore, by having a niche area, it will be easier to compile a better client database and a better client following.

3. Learning from Prospective Competitors

Learning what is out there is always good. Scouting around and learning from the potential competitors is always a good idea. This will help one avoid offering similar services or products and enable one to have creative ideas that will outdo competitors. One can also learn from their failings, if there are any.

Now that the three most important factors have been determined, one can start considering how to carry out this business from home ad earning a living from it. It is rather simple to set up a hosting reselling business but it will need a lot of dedication if there is a need to make profit out of it.

Hence, it is good to start by planning the work then working the plan. The first thing to do is target the type of clients the business is deemed suitable for. The hosting packages will then have to be tailored according to their needs.

Niche market was mentioned earlier on in the article. The business will not be able to be successful if the clients being targeted are the ones aimed at by thousands of other hosting resellers. Hence, as mentioned earlier, it would be advisable to target a market that is familiar to the reseller.

For instance, if the reseller has a legal background, it would be a good idea to tailor the packages that would suit legal firms, legal recruitment agencies and other legal institutions. It could also be a package for an individual offering legal services online.

It is only by servicing the clients according to what they want, a business will be able to retain its client base and build on it eventually.

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What Is Web Hosting and How Does It Work?

Thinking of creating your own website and being a webmaster can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t be discouraged as it is easier than it looks. In layman’s terms, web hosting is a rentable space on the Internet that you can either pay for or obtain freely. You can upload your website or files onto the Internet via FTP software. This will allow other users on the Internet to view your files and webpages online.

How Web Hosts Work

All web-hosting servers will have a physical address where they store data in large quantities. All this data will be stored on a server that you can access after opening your account. Once you have uploaded your data onto the server you can easily view your files. Some web hosting services are free and others charge a fee to use the service. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web he aspired for it to be a free domain, where users could exchange information. However, not everybody has the knowledge to create a website from scratch on their own, and there are advantages to renting a space online.

Most servers will create everything for you. All you have to do is upload your website to the server. There are great advantages to this, as you do not require any HTML knowledge. All you have to do is to create your own website on a PC and then open an account with a web hosting service. Most services will provide customer support and troubleshooting tips should you have any problems. Hosting servers will also provide other administration extras, like an email account to your website.

Web hosting servers will also provide you with a convenient control panel where you can easily manage your files online when you need to change information on your account. FTP software provides a file transfer portal from your PC to your Website. FTP software is easy to use and takes little time to master. FTP software is free and can easily be downloaded. Some well-known search engines offer free FTP software downloads.

What to Know About Web Hosting

Understanding what web hosting is and how to benefit from it the first step. Next, you need to investigate which web hosting service best suits your needs. There are large varieties of web hosting services out there. Understanding how much storage space you need will allow you to decide on what service you may need. What type of website design you have will also provide a good indicator of the services you may need. For example, some users who transfer a large amount of data on a regular basis may opt for a database program to be added to their web hosting account. Extra features can cost more money and it is worth your while researching which web hosting services will best serve your needs.  Some web hosting services will offer users to have complete control over their account; alternatively hosting services may offer to manage your site themselves for an extra fee. If you are busy or run a business and do not have time to manage your website, it is a good idea to look into web hosts that manage sites for you.

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Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting servers available on the Internet. These types range from fairly complex file sharing to basic services that are provided by free web hosting. Each type of web hosting has its pros and cons depending on what a user may require to create a successful website through the provided service.

Free web hosting services are abundant on the Internet. They provide limited service but may be just what you need if you are looking to create a very basic site. However, one thing to acknowledge is the amount of advertising that will be displayed on your website. Free web hosting makes its money from advertising.

A shared web hosting service is exactly what the name implies: a server that is shared. Most of the time, users will share domain names on the server. Due to the large number of users, one can successfully share services and cut costs. The number of services and user options increases with the increased number of people sharing the same server.

Dedicated hosting servers are a good option. If you wish to have full control over your own server, you could opt for a dedicated hosting server. This type of service will typically offer an account that is completely managed or self-managed. A user can gain full access over the root access for Linux through Windows. This is a relatively inexpensive option but requires software and programming knowledge.

A virtual dedicated server or VPS is a server that is broken down into many servers. These divided servers then share the same hardware. This is one of the most popular types of web hosting. Virtual dedicated servers are great because they act as both a shared hosting server and a dedicated hosting server. Servers gain full root access allowing them to successfully upload any software or program with their website.

Cloud hosting is an interesting type of web hosting as it is a single website that is loaded onto multiple servers. The website user can tap into any of the multiple servers at any time. Multiple servers that cross over multiple websites are called a cloud or cloud hosting. It allows for unlimited processing power. This is mostly due to the high volume of servers operating at the same time.

Managed hosting services is a service whereby users are in control to manage their sites but are not granted full access or use of Linux access for Windows on their PC. This is opposed to unmanaged hosting services where users will not opt to manage any administration on their website and will leave it completely to the server.

Individual or reseller hosting is when individuals choose to buy or create their own servers in order to start a web hosting service of their own. Individuals or companies may choose to own and manage their own data with their own private server for a variety of reasons. Large companies may require an entire server due to large volumes of data. Private servers also offer more secure platforms to store and manage data.

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