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Web Hosting Questions for Beginners

When one starts thinking of setting up a website, the technological jargon used by the suppliers may seem very daunting for beginners in information technology. In reality however, this is not the case and it is quite easy to obtain the information needed while carrying out the research. Some of the research may pertain to the website that is going to be set up and some may pertain to web hosting. Listed below are some questions that are related to web hosting and some answers that will hopefully be of assistance.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting involves a service provider that administers websites on their server. A host, as the term means, provides a home or platform from which a website can reside (or operate). Most web hosting providers are reasonably sized have various hosting packages. The type of package will depend on what is required for the website.

Where is the business heading?

If the business has just been started, keeping the cost as low as possible must be the priority. However, if the business is forecasted to be a rapidly growing one, a few things have to be borne in mind such as the website’s capacity and the web-hosting package. The package would have to be prescribed accordingly. There are many basic packages available on shared servers but these have a limit placed on the available bandwidth. If the business grows quickly and the traffic on the website increases then there may be a need to change the package with the web hosting services. Upgrading facilities are not readily available with all web hosting facilities therefore it is prudent to pick one that accommodates website growth.

How much should I know about web hosting?

The average business owner is not expected to be very technologically well informed and hence it is understandable if there is minimal comprehension of web hosting or design. In situations like this, it would be advisable to pick a web hosting service that is managed, which means the maintenance for the web server will be maintained by the host.

Is it worth having free hosting packages?

Although there are some free hosting services that are well known, one would have to consider this option very carefully. This is because the service is offered free on the basis that the prospective website owner purchases advertising services on their website.

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting – what is the difference?

A website that is allocated its own unique server is known as dedicated hosting and a shared server has other websites that uses it.

What is meant by an e-commerce website?

This is term for online stores that need special hosting sites and web design. The web host that is chosen should be one that is able to provide technical support specifically for ecommerce.

What is a reliable web host?

The most important thing is the technical support that is offered because any system has a potential to breakdown. Reliable customer service will be able to provide a solution swiftly.

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