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What Is Web Hosting and How Does It Work?

Thinking of creating your own website and being a webmaster can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t be discouraged as it is easier than it looks. In layman’s terms, web hosting is a rentable space on the Internet that you can either pay for or obtain freely. You can upload your website or files onto the Internet via FTP software. This will allow other users on the Internet to view your files and webpages online.

How Web Hosts Work

All web-hosting servers will have a physical address where they store data in large quantities. All this data will be stored on a server that you can access after opening your account. Once you have uploaded your data onto the server you can easily view your files. Some web hosting services are free and others charge a fee to use the service. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web he aspired for it to be a free domain, where users could exchange information. However, not everybody has the knowledge to create a website from scratch on their own, and there are advantages to renting a space online.

Most servers will create everything for you. All you have to do is upload your website to the server. There are great advantages to this, as you do not require any HTML knowledge. All you have to do is to create your own website on a PC and then open an account with a web hosting service. Most services will provide customer support and troubleshooting tips should you have any problems. Hosting servers will also provide other administration extras, like an email account to your website.

Web hosting servers will also provide you with a convenient control panel where you can easily manage your files online when you need to change information on your account. FTP software provides a file transfer portal from your PC to your Website. FTP software is easy to use and takes little time to master. FTP software is free and can easily be downloaded. Some well-known search engines offer free FTP software downloads.

What to Know About Web Hosting

Understanding what web hosting is and how to benefit from it the first step. Next, you need to investigate which web hosting service best suits your needs. There are large varieties of web hosting services out there. Understanding how much storage space you need will allow you to decide on what service you may need. What type of website design you have will also provide a good indicator of the services you may need. For example, some users who transfer a large amount of data on a regular basis may opt for a database program to be added to their web hosting account. Extra features can cost more money and it is worth your while researching which web hosting services will best serve your needs.  Some web hosting services will offer users to have complete control over their account; alternatively hosting services may offer to manage your site themselves for an extra fee. If you are busy or run a business and do not have time to manage your website, it is a good idea to look into web hosts that manage sites for you.

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