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WordPress has become one of the most popular applications used in blogging. This is because of it being an open source and free application. This allows one able to reap as much benefits from it as possible without having to spend any money on it.

Apart from using WordPress to create a blog, one can use it as the Content management System (CMS) for the usual website. If one wants to use WordPress as the CMS in their website then the features provided in the application does this by default. Moreover, third party plugins can be adapted into the website to meet the website owner’s requirements. WordPress can be run on any Windows or Linux web hosting packages but to make the best of what this application has to offer. However, it is advisable to use a Linux web hosting service that runs on Apache server software.

When one is choosing a web hosting service for WordPress, there are a few factors that have to be considered such as the amount of multimedia that will be involved as well as the number of visits that are going to be made on the website.

The several benefits of starting up with WordPress as an application for web hosting are the following:

Room for Expansion

Compared to other CMS applications, WordPress is friendly in the sense that it allows for the website to be expanded readily. In addition, aside from that, if one wishes to add more functions in the website, there are several plu ins from other affiliates that can be adapted and Word Press makes it very easy to do so.


The application will allow the user to design the website according to one’s taste. There is a database of designs by designers who have released it for the WordPress users at no extra charge. It would be advisable to utilize the pre-existing designs and once there is familiarity with the website and its functions, the design can be enhanced.


Word Press is well known and established. It is a CMS application that has been tried and tested over the times. Hence, it is a reliable platform from which to work. This remains the same even if the number of visitors to the website increases or if the website develops.

Along with its advantages, there are some issues with using this application, just like with others.

Types of Users

Other CMS applications are able to offer the ability to allow visitors who do not have password access to use the website. This is because WordPress is predominantly a blogger’s platform. On the other hand, if the websites’ role is that of a blogging platform, it does not prevent contributors to have access. Thus, it allows others to have their own input in the website.


The biggest fault in open source application would be that it is can be viewed by anyone including hackers. This is why there are regular updates on this application that allows the security to be upgraded constantly


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